A brief history of Sound therapy

Since time immemorial, sound has been an integral, foundational part of human culture. The concept of sound being used to effect positive change in the human body has its roots as firmly entrenched in history as much as the historical evidence of our own human consciousness can be found. We can sight countless examples which, when viewed wholistically, show a pattern of how sound and the use of sound is interwoven throughout the evolution of our own consciousness. From the lost Gregorian chants, the ubiquitous use of pipe organs across the Christian world, the tribal songs and even the central orchestral themes of progressive periods such as the enlightenment. The hidden connection sound holds is now being rediscovered as under-recognised as it is misunderstood.

Science has been catching up, especially over the last 100 years. The pioneering efforts of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife who discovered a quick method of determining the resonant frequency (a frequency capable of exciting a resonance maximum in a given body or system) of cells, bacteria, viruses. The famed analogy of the opera singer shattering the crystal glasses when focussing their powerful voices to the specific resonant frequency of the glass. Resonance itself is the physical reaction to what the material is being subjected to. When viewed completely, encompassing the pitch, tone, timbre and frequency, is possible to visualise what appears to be a multi-dimensional phenomenon existing in what we often dismissingly call, ‘noise’. 
Sound and the interactions it commands within the physical and meta-physical environment itself is so profound, so fundamental, an honest observer would struggle to find a synonym other than divine. The sound of a mothers voice is one of the first environmental factors which are imprinted into the consciousness of developing infants. If a premature baby, throughout the critical survival period within incubators hears the voice of its mother the chances of survival are increased massively. Sound as a pre-conscious phenomenon, could be seen to cradle, feed and even expand consciousness of the being to which it is exposed.

The Sound bridge of Spirit and Consciousness
We have all experienced bad days throughout the journey of life, some more than others. Most mature adults can recall a difficult day when a particular sound or song is heard, perhaps on the radio. The sound of favourable music will immediately begin to escort your conscious mind to lofty heights of happy reminiscence, or deep, soulful sadness dependant on the memories associated with the music being heard. Nothing had changed, the sounds comprising the music just acted like a key, unlocking and invoking the emotional energy of past events. Whether positive or negative, the sound exposed emotional energy which has not been completely transmuted, processed or learned from. Every positive and negative experience we observe throughout life is a learning moment. These are all holding lessons and wisdom which can be extrapolated and likely repurposed for a more positive outcome or heeded to reduce the chances of future negative energies. 
In this modern, new world, music does not fill the streets. Peoples are not readily observed singing openly. Music is most commonly listened to through miniature earphones, creating an illusion of the full bodied sound with an output which cannot effectively stimulate the nessessary cells, which, lets face it, is every cell.