What is the Sonic Lounge?

The Sonic Lounge is a specially designed piece of furniture which incorporates strategically located sound emitting devices. These devices are directed a way to maximise the induction of sound frequencies into the body of the user. The function of the furniture will be of the highest standard to achieve the best, most relaxing, user friendly experience. The goal of Sonic Lounges is to create the best environment for the user to be immersed in the most advanced recreation of the ancient practice of south therapy

What types of furniture will Sonic Lounges be complimenting?


The Sonic Recliner

Six of the most popular designs of recliner which will bring the user the most comforting, immersing and positive effects possible. These models will incorporate a higher power sound device for the days when time is of concern.  (Link to Photos)

Sonic Office chair
A practical office chair which can assist you during the workday, boosting concentration, reducing back pain or increasing circulation whilst reducing inflammation caused by prolonged sitting.
(Link to Photos)

Lift-Assist Auto-Recliner
A recliner suited to those who have mobility issues but would still like to enjoy the uplifting and revitalizing experience offered by Sonic Lounges.
(Link to Photos)

The Sonic Down-Under

Sleep will never have felt so invigorating! This specialist Mattress underliner will endeavour to deliver the user a relaxing, consistent and saturating experience. The users will have a selection of 9 output frequencies which will send you into a revitalising, deep sleep.
(Link to Photos)

Custom Installations

Have you got a particular lounge suite in mind? Perhaps your favourite, most comfortable lounge which you would like to have upgraded to include the full Sonic Lounges experience?
Contact us via email and we can assist you further (Include email)

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    Medical Benefits and Scientific Studies

    Scientific studies have shown improvement in the condition or the symptoms of patients with a wide range of chronic and metabolic disorders, such as:

  • Parkinsons Disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Kidney Disease
  • Liver detoxification
  • Childhood Cerebral Palsy
  • functional capacity, blood circulation and bone metabolism in frail old men and women
  • Promotes Joint/cartilage repair 
  • Balances the autonomic nervous system – shifts the body from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic or relaxed and nurturing state 
  • Lowers blood pressure, in some instances 10 to 20 points in one session 
  • Dramatically decreases stress and inflammation 
  • Greatly increases the effectiveness of other therapies 
  • Non-invasive, Drug-Free alternative
  • Calming and balancing 
  • A very pleasant experience – many go into a restful sleep 
  • Positive results in both adults and children 
  • Especially effective for sensitive children with emotional or behavioral issues 
  • Elicits improvements in neurological and sleep disorders, pain, stress, mental fog, and electromagnetic sensitivity 
  • Optimizes performance of the immune system in individuals with chronic infections such as Lyme disease, and for those undergoing cancer treatment 
  • Effects can be felt at the physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual levels 
  • Subjects report altered awareness, unusual mental clarity, deep relaxation and wellbeing, vibrations, movement, or feelings of heat or coolness in different organs and tissues 



Childrens Cerebral Palsy
Expansion of Consciousness



Traditional Sound Healing with High-Tech Enrichments
James L. Oschman